Christmas Gifts flavored with paté, truffles and nougat from Bodegas Suau

Christmas and Three Kings Day are already around the corner and many of you will be looking for a gift for your loved ones. There are traditions that should never be lost and among them is the offering of a gift to the people with whom we share so many moments throughout the year.

We, as great lovers of spirits, offer a selection of gourmet products to give away on these special dates or put them on a beautiful Christmas table. Each gift is very special and different, with which we can surprise our family, friends, and biggest lovers of liqueurs.

Among them, we find a selection of paté with brandy, Ron Jungla truffles and Suau 15 brandy nougat, a top-quality distillate aged exclusively by hand in the microclimate of our underground cellar in Mallorca.

In addition, we have designed three different Christmas baskets with some of our most exceptional products. This gift is presented in a "senalla", the typical Mallorcan basket, asserting our position as producers of rum and brandy on the island.

The tradition of the Christmas basket is as old as time. It dates back to the Roman Empire, when the employer would give wicker baskets filled with products to his workers.

xmax basket suau

The meaning has changed, but they continue to show affection and attention. Some of the products that we have proposed as Christmas gifts, such as pâté and nougat, we also produced last year, and they sold out so quickly that we had to produce a second round.

This year, we have added the rum truffle as a novelty, which we hope will also be a success.

The products we have chosen for this Christmas are of the highest quality and have been produced with great care by the hand of some of the best talents from the island. For example, the nougat and truffles have been made by Maties Miralles, a Mallorcan who was proclaimed the best young pastry chef in Spain in 2012, and who, after working in renowned companies in Paris, returned to Mallorca to join his family business.

Since 2020, together with his brother, Jaume, at the head of the management and the workshop of Es Forn des Pla de Na Tesa, Miralles has been a firm with more than 100 years of experience in the industry of making artisan bread and other delicacies, sweet and salty.

The nougat that Miralles has made for Bodegas Suau is a chocolate fantasy. It is prepared with our Suau 15-year-old brandy and all the ingredients are carefully thought out to surprise even the most demanding of palates with delicious combinations: a double coating of dark chocolate and milk chocolate, biscuit crunch and cocoa butter. The truffles that Miralles has prepared as a novelty this year, are designed to sweeten any Christmas table.

Tiny bites made with cocoa, butter, and milk, and prepared with our Ron Jungla to give it a special and fun side. On the other hand, the paté is a very special gift. It is made by Xisco Frau, from Embutidos Can Frau, a benchmark for traditional products from the island. An exceptional product that is made up of half black pork, half white pork and prepared with Suau 15 brandy.

Last but not least, we find among our products this year a Christmas basket with a selection of bottles from Bodegas Suau. We have prepared three different baskets, to offer various options according to preferences, from the simplest, a great selection to discover our spirits, to the most Premium, for the great lovers of liqueurs.

The Gran Suau basket is the most distinguished. It contains a bottle of Suau 50, a reserve and one of our prides at Bodegas Suau, as well as a bottle of Ron Jungla, the nougat with brandy and the rum truffles.

On the other hand, the Gastro Suau basket is designed as the intermediate one.

It contains a bottle of Suau 15 and another of Maior Gin, a 100% Mallorcan and completely artisan product from Bodegas Suau, made in Mallorca from local fig leaves, rosemary, and oranges from Sóller.

It also includes the paté and nougat. Finally, we find the Cistella Suau and, in it, a selection of some of our bottles: Ron Jungla, Maior Gin and Suau Orange, macerated with peel from Sóller oranges. Also, the nougat, to spend a sweet and irresistible Christmas.

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