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In the mid-nineteenth century, a Spanish steamer used to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Her name was ” El Mallorquín” and was under the command of Don Joan Suau y Bennaser. In addition to his duties as commander of ” El Mallorquín” ” Joan Suau was a restless businessman who set up an aniseed and other typical Caribbean products business in Cuba.

1830 “El Mallorquín”

Distilling rum was also part of the business, and to this end he exported to Cuba half a dozen copper stills, which were in common use in the XIX century. When Captain Suau began his enterprise, the previously vast Spanish Empire had been reduced to just two territories, Puerto Rico and Cuba… both in the Caribbean.

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el mallorquin suau

1850 Anisette "La Paloma"

Captain Suau sold his boat, but not his company, which he had already installed in Palma in 1851 and produced what he knew: the traditional drinks of the Caribbean. And with it came Beautiful copper stills and countless instruments from the liquors that we now store and display as jewelry in our museum. The museum is opened in 2001 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Bodegas Suau in Mallorca.

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1851 The Era of Brandy

This move was due to the high quality of our brandy and the warmth and enthusiasm with which it was received everywhere. There is also a story around the brandy: Before producing the 1851 brand, we had been manufacturing different brandy’s such as “Madelon” “Jaime I”, “1229” (highly sought after by collectors nowadays). In 1951, while commemorating our one hundred years of existence in Mallorca and being aware of the excellent quality of our brandy, we launched the brandy commonly know as “El barquito”.

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1989 Club Suau

In 1989 our former cellar master Angel Zuasti had the fantastic idea of founding the Club Suau. Thanks to Angel we have been able to maintain a very nice relationship with our club members by holding annual events where we all get together to enjoy a passion we share. Today, in addition to the brandy club, we also have a rum club.

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The museum

More than 170 years of history of Bodegas Suau have made that with the passage of the time, key pieces of the history of beverage production have been collected alcoholic beverages, thus obtaining a large number of objects such as stills, deposits, old machinery and tools of the winery, old bottles of discontinued products and much more.


1830 'El Mallorquín'

In the mid-nineteenth century, a Spanish steamer used to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Her…

1850 Anisette 'La Paloma'

Captain Suau sold his ship, but not his business. By 1851 he had installed the…

1851 The Era of Brandy

This move was due to the high quality of our brandy and the warmth and…

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